Sunday, March 24, 2013

924 Square Feet in a Box: Our Apartment Floor Plan

Holy cow, that's tiny.  It's a super easy and cozy floor plan that navigates well, though.  We looked at a two bedroom just to be sure, and we liked the flow of this one better.  I drew it out the old fashioned way and used measurements to place all of our furniture inside.

When I think of how small it is vs. where we are now, I realize that we only "live" in about this much of our house, anyway, so it's not going to make that much difference as long as we keep the clutter out.  I was watching "Love It or List It" on HGTV last night, and one of the houses was just covered in clutter and there was no breathing room.  That is what my house feels like right now...we can't breathe.  It's going to be nice to get rid of the largest portion of it and leave it behind for some peace and quiet.  Don't you think clutter is noisy?  It is.

We cleaned out our master closet last night, and I am so proud of William.  He got rid of half of what he had in there.  That is a big step for him, if you don't know him.  He even put a pair of Converse in the sale pile.  We organized what we are keeping for an easy move, so that is ready to go!

I sent a few more heirlooms home with mom yesterday.

I'm hoping to share a few projects for the new place this week.  We are refinishing a small chest to sit at the front door to collect William's work bag and things when he comes in.  I have also been working on some art for the walls.  We want really large clean pieces and a few small ones for work space and Katie's room.

The move is in one week!!

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