Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Removing rust from chrome school chairs for a cute dining set

Mom was here a few weekends ago, and she drug out these old school chairs from my back yard for us to sit in while I worked on a coat rack for the apartment.  I got these from outside my dad's barn; he lucked into a big stack of them from the college when they were cleaning house and remodeling.  They are pretty rusty but I love the bright colors.

Mom thought it might be cute if we put four around a sofa table so we have some place other than our small island in the kitchen to sit and eat together.  I think that is a grand idea, and I sure do hope they fit.

I wanted to clean them up, of course, so I did a little google search and clicked on the first link I came to about removing rust from chrome.  Some of the legs on the chairs were pretty covered in it, and I wanted a quick and easy way to remove it.

Did you know just tin foil and water will take away rust from chrome, and it actually polishes it while you use that elbow grease?

All you have to do is rip a slice of foil into small squares...I used about 6 inch to 8 inch squares, and then dip it in water, and rub.  That's it.  It really works, and you can feel the rust come off and the legs become more smooth.  Of course, you need to wear gloves.  And I had a bit better luck by wrapping the foil around the leg and rubbing back and forth in a twisting motion.

Look how shiny that chrome is.  Isn't it much better?

Here you can see how the chrome is being polished as I scrub the rust off.

And this cute stack of brightly colored chairs will be neat in our living area.

Now all I need to know is if I can google a great at home manicure.  My nails are a mess.  


  1. Έγιναν τέλειες!!!! Καλημέρα από Ελλάδα!!!

  2. WoW! petite chaise vintage a une nouvelle vie Thank you.beaucoup ;o) Suzanne

  3. Great tip - thank you for writing about it. I hope your new seating worked just like you wanted - cute & colorful, too!

    I can totally help you with the home manicure!! Jamberries are the best! Have you ever tried them? A single sheet can actually get you 2 full manis AND 2 full pedis, lasting up to 2 weeks on fingers & 6 weeks on toes! Crazy, right? I thought so, until I tried them. These things actually work, and are ultra cute with more than 300 designs & endless possibilities!!! I'd love to send you a free sample to try. Check out my website or find me on Facebook or Instagram under KirstieJams. Seriously, go on and look me up!! :D

  4. I have heard vinegar works well with the aluminum foil also. I haven't tried it yet but I think I will. Thanks for the pin.