Tuesday, April 9, 2013

IKEA Hack: Cabinet to Litter Box

I have been stalking the IKEA Hackers web site for some relief where cat litter in an apartment is concerned, and decided that finding a cabinet to house the box was the best option.  IKEA Hackers has tons of great examples on their site.

Enter the thrift shop...and I scored this IKEA Amiral cabinet for $32.  What a steal.  It is actually a sideboard, but the cool round glass and the clean lines make it perfect for the project.

It was covered in some kind of adhesive and dirt on the top, so I lightly sanded it with a sanding sponge, and Mr. Curran cut three circles out for kitty access.  Then he sanded the edges so we don't have any splinters to pull out of kitty toes.  We polished it with a little bit of furniture polish and then left it at that.

We decided the middle section would work for litter, so they enter on the left end, go to the middle, use the box, and exit on the same end over a litter tracking mat.  The food is on the opposite end with its own opening so they don't have to eat where they use the loo.  :)

On top of the cabinet, we will put some pillows for extra seating...who would know they are sitting on the litter box, anyway (unless you are reading this!)?  And I bet Betty will find it suitable for bird watching since she has the perfect view. 

Gone is the smell and the mess!  Thank goodness...my tiny laundry room was quite a circus, what with moving the litter box out to open the washer door to transfer clothes to the dryer.  Yeah, that was a pain. 

The kitties are happy, too.  See Miko?  He was a skeptic, but once he found the kibble, he decided all was well with rearranging his furniture, too.  

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