Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Apartment Life at One Month

For some reason this post makes me feel like I am giving maternity updates.  That, I am NOT.  Haha.  I suppose we can count this as an infant stage of a new beginning.  Here are some thoughts and some tips:

1.  We made it!  We made it!  In this tiny little place, we have not threatened to kill each other even once.

2.  When you have a small space, you have IKEA.  Enough said.

3.  We bought this lamp at said store.  It works great in the living room and it stands high enough that you don't bump your head.  We even got a compliment on it from a neighbor that saw it as she walked her dog while our blinds were open.  That was kinda creepy, but, yeah.

4.  Katie had her first play date in the new place today.  Kids don't mind if the place is big or small; they had a ball and played just like they would have in our old place.

5.You can only cram so much in an apartment pantry.  Time to start a meal plan.  I like these.  She's a Dallas lady, too.  :)   Click on the week titles to get the menu and shopping lists.

6. The only thing we fight about it who will take the dog out.  General wardrobe for dog walks at night?  Nightgown (no, not William...his would be boxers shorts) and brown rubber flip flops and select hoodie from coat closet, usually Allen Eagle or American Eagle.  Picture that, now would you?  Oh, and no contacts means you can't see crap, literally.  We try to pick it up, neighbors, we do.

7.  Things I still wish I had:  my craft room, my doggie door (see number 6), and...that is all.

8.  Carrying in groceries has turned into a creative juggling act in which you can and will learn to balance things in a creative manner.  Buy small.  Yes, I've learned that.  Or leave it in the car and tell William to carry it in.  That works too.

9.  The cats want to go outside.  We let them out the other day for five minutes and created two howling monsters.  Well, one, really.  The other one just freaked out and ran back in.

10.  It is still possible to have HGTV Love It or List It marathons without disturbing the other party.  However, the other party may disturb you when he turns up Stephen Colbert too loud.  And snores on the couch.

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