Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making pie crusts and playing games...and the thrift shop.

I have appreciated one thing more than any other about this move...time.  It seems that I was always running crazy before trying to keep up with all the chores and "busy" work that came with living in a large house and didn't focus on what I should have been.  It's funny how God can put road blocks in your way and slam a door...then open a new one and change your whole perspective on what is good for your family and for you, too.  Funny how that works.  It just does.

Katie and I played a Mary Poppins board game tonight (a vintage one, of course...1964) and we made dinner.  I made a pie crust from scratch.  I don't think I have ever done that.  If I have, it's been a very long time. Don't fuss at me about all that butter that is in it.  The quiche we put in the crust was pretty awesome, too.

I'm trying to decide if I want to keep up the Feed the Birdies blog with crafty and vintage things, and also post here with fun things you can do as apartment dwellers.  You will probably hear me thinking out loud on that one.  I still see them as two separate parts of things I love, and it's important to me to keep record of my thoughts.  Processing...processing...processing...they could both come together, I suppose. Let the planning begin.

I set up my craft table by my side of the bed and it leaves me about a foot and a half of walk space (wide).  I told a sweet friend, and she said no worries, because who sees the bedroom anyway.  Right on.  My ugly printer can safely stay there for now.

We haven't had many visitors at our new place (hint), but I feel like we are ready to share and maybe have a few over for dinner.  Small dinner parties will be quite fun, I am sure.  It's a good thing, because in this little place you can set your drink on the dryer while you eat and watch TV.  (Not really, but sometimes it feels like that.  Ha.)

Oh, I have been to the thrift shop and walked out empty-handed both times.  That is amazing.  Even more amazing, is that half of the crap that was in there was our old stuff.  Isn't that funny? We donated tons of stuff after the sale was over, and I saw a lot of it again.  :)  Kind of cracks me up.  I picked up a few things and was going to buy them back, but I didn't.  I was quite proud of myself.

As far as shopping retail, the only thing we have bought besides food is a few things we needed for lighting and a curtain rod.  There isn't a place to put it if we bring it home; in fact I'm still thinking more stuff needs to be taken OUT of here.  Yes, it does.  If we haven't looked at it since we moved in, it will more than likely be piled in the back of my car to go to...you guessed it...the thrift shop.  And I promise not to go buy it back.

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