Friday, May 24, 2013

My Skin Care Routine for Rosacea and What Works!

After a quite discouraging trial of Dr. Weil's line from Origins, I decided I would self-diagnose and see if it was more adult-onset acne than rosacea that was causing the flare up.  I went back to Origins and returned the whole lot of Dr. Weil I had purchased, and got samples of a few things that I had read about online.  Turns out, I was right.  And the new samples worked....

Here's my secret!

Origins Checks and Balances face wash
Origins Out of Trouble mask
Origins Super Spot Remover
Origins Spot Remover Pads
Origins Balanced Diet moisturizer

Here's what I do each morning and night:  Wash with the Checks and Balances (it only takes a pea sized amount and is really frothy and lathers well).  Then twice each week, I use the Out of Trouble mask, and I leave it on for 15 minutes instead of 10.  My acne is pretty bad when I flare, and here comes the summer heat, so I am sure this will stay a regular part of my routine.  After the wash, I use the Super Spot Remover pads, and then a dot on each cheek, on the forehead, and on the chin of the Balanced Diet moisturizer.  I love this stuff because it keeps the oil away but keeps my skin soft and not dry.  I can tell a huge difference on the bridge of my nose from using this for just two weeks.  My cheeks are in much better shape too.

And now an after can see the before here (sorry for the bad phone shot, but, you know, selfies are easier to do that way):

Isn't that so much better?  The red is coming out, I have one blemish on my cheek instead of five, and my nose is looking much more "peach", as Katie would say, instead of beet red.  Enough of that already. I hope this helps somebody out there that fights this skin issue like I do.  It's getting into the worst season for rosacea, and I'm armed and ready, now.  

Now that you have seen my yucky face pictures, I'll keep posting updates here and here.  Hopefully the worst is over for now! 

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