Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vintage Style Parties: Coming Soon!

I'm doing a little bit of reading that is quite inspiring and I've decided to share it with you.  I picked up a copy of Florence Hamsher's The Complete Book of Children's Parties (copyright 1949) at the thrift for just pennies  but you can find a copy here if you would like to read along with me.  And, so begins a new series here!

Follow along this summer and you will learn:
*basic party planning rules
*etiquette for you and your children as guests and hosts
*ideas for games, gifts, and foods
*how to make vintage invitations with a modern ~twist~
*tips for making your guests feel welcome, and how to behave as a host
*how to make over your tiny apartment back porch for entertaining (no kidding!)

Won't that be fun for us?  I think so.  We'll get started soon, so put your purse and scarf in the guest room and martinis will be served in a bit!

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