Friday, May 17, 2013

Swing dancing and victory rolls on Mother's Day Weekend

This year, it wasn't just Mother's "Day."  It was the whole weekend.  We had so much fun that I can't even begin to tell would have had to experience it for yourself.

One of the things that is nice about living small is that the money we used to spend on "stuff" and house upkeep, is now being saved and used for experience.  This Mother's Day weekend was planned long in advance and was much better than any gift I could have received.  (Although I did score a Starbucks gift card and a Michael Buble CD from my honey and little princess).

Every year, our friends, who live on a small air strip, have a giant birthday party for each other at their hanger.  They always have a rockabilly band and tons of food and friends.  I missed it last year.  We heard a few months ago that they had recruited the neighbors to participate too, and a big band and swing dance club were coming in, along with lots of aircraft for flyovers, tons of cars, etc...
I decided that Katie and I couldn't just go in our everyday fashion, so we booked a beauty appointment with VinTage Flair (sweet Lynne is the best at vintage style!) for victory rolls and Shirley Temple ringlets.
We kicked off the weekend with an overnight trip to my mom-in-laws for pizza and girl talk, breakfast the next morning, and then a quick trip to Lynne's for a style session.
A couple hours later we were on the road to Justin to catch some WWII aircraft flying overhead and blowing smoke, lots of hot rods parked for viewing and a quick photo or two, tons of good food, a rockabilly band, Buddy's Big Band,
and many friends to share it all with.    Katie was the talk of the party in the cute little pink gingham dress I thrifted.  It was only $4.  I just wore cropped jeans and a black lace tank, but I wish I had dressed the era.  Some were dressed in original war uniforms and dresses.  Fabulous.
Some of these pictures deserve canvas status, don't you think?  I love the one of Katie and the army troops in front of the plane.

I heard that later there was a German officer "arrested" and paraded through the hangers.  Buddy's Big Band provided lots of music for dancing with your sweetie.  We ate too much and played not enough...and drove to a hotel exhausted.

The next morning, we got up and packed the car to meet the boys for lunch for Mother's Day.  Nothing makes this momma's heart flutter more than when these big guys pick me up and squeeze me.  Family style rib eyes and baked potatoes and brandy butter apple pie were gobbled up and we shared lots of laughs about Duck Dynasty and things silly boys do.  I can't believe they are graduating in just a year or two.  A momma's time surely flies.

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  It was fabulous in all the ways it should have been.  The best part was that it wasn't just me that enjoyed it...we all did.

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