Friday, June 14, 2013

Apartment Life at Two Months and the American Dream

We've actually lived in our tiny apartment about two and a half months now, so I'm behind a little bit.  William and I have had the week to ourselves with the little one playing at Mimi's and enjoying Bible school.  We've had tons of time to talk about things we want to do in the near future and far from now, too.

It's funny how you think when things change it might be the end of the world.  It hasn't been.  In fact, I can say truthfully that we've had no regrets moving to such a small space and giving up all of the things we've collected.  We just celebrated our eighth anniversary over a 1000 square feet lighter, and I can't say that we miss any of that.  I really am not for certain what it was we left behind, other than "stuff."  And that stuff was heavy.

We talked about whether or not we would own a house soon, or if we would just stay in small spaces from now on.  We think that if we did buy, it might be a condo or a town home; we know we will probably stay here until Katie graduates (God willing we get through the summers, but we've been here this long).   But, in the car the other day, we were talking about houses and the "American Dream," and I just blurted out, "Yeah, but who says we have to live it?"

We've always marched to the beat of our own drum anyway, and I don't think that anyone expects any less of us.  We are pretty much in love with our cozy-just-over-900-square-feet-on-a-good-day space, and we've been really good about not piling things in.  Well, for the most part.  And if something comes in, something goes out.  It's quite refreshing, actually, to not have to dig through things we don't really want to get to the thing we were looking for in the first place.

The only ONE bad thing about living right in the middle of town is the food.  Oh, my gosh...we have access to every kind of food we want.  So, we just need to get that under wraps (and the extra weight that came with it...ooops), and start cooking at home again.  Man, it's hard when your favorite place is just around the corner.

The one AWESOME thing I have enjoyed more than anything, is that we are more focused on experience rather than things than we have ever been, and it is so exciting to go and do and see and find friends.  We love that.

We still estate sale; it's hard to flush that from your blood when you've done it so long.  I am still a paper hoarder (and working on that organization and I still haven't figured it out), and I still love the mid-century era, so it's so hard to walk away from things we used to pick up in a heartbeat.  My vintage buddy says I can still buy for her, though.  But isn't it still fun to look.  Oh, yes, it is.

So, here I am, sitting on my little patio and enjoying a warm but quiet evening.  The kitties are roaming around in the bushes next to our railing, and I have a Coke Zero (yeah, I wish it was some kind of swanky cocktail, too), and birdies chirping and a pretty courtyard to watch.  I'm happy.  Happier than a bird with a french fry.

Out of storms come rainbows.  And we're already living the dream.


  1. the more space you have, the more stuff. and really who needs all that stuff? as long as you are happy, small spaces work just fine:)

    1. That's right! The more space, the more was sooooo nice to downsize. :)

  2. It seems you are discovering the real meaning of Philippians 4: 11-13. I'm enjoying reading about your discoveries of what is REALLY important in our lives!!!

    1. Thank you! You are very has been an adventure, but, oh, such an awesome one. :)