Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Apartment Life: Katie's Room

As promised, here are pictures of Katie's little 8X8 space in our place.  She has just enough room to spread toys all over the floor and a cozy nook for sleeping.  She loves it!  We depend a lot on storage for everything she kept; under the bed we have giant ziplocs with stuffed animals and rubbermaid bins for toys, and we found this toy shelf with bins at the thrift for about $15.  She has more animals in a fabric hamper.  Her keyboard is in one corner with a vanity stool that William repainted.  She has her twin bed and her dresser from our old house, and she inherited the paint-by-numbers from another spot, as well as the big frame we made into a chalk board.  It still says, "Feed the Birdies," for good reason.  :)  Any ideas for more stuffed animal storage?  I'm at a loss!

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