Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Estate Finds: Valentine Labels, Disney postcards, and the BEST KODACHROME SLIDES!!

This bag of old pens and mechanical pencils reminds me of those my grandparents used to have at their telephone table at the old house on Preston.  I remember playing in them.  

I love the Delta Air Freight pen, don't you?  And the eraser is pretty darn cool.  

Those old notepads make great desk notes at school.  They are blank inside.  I got a dozen.

The secretarial tape tin will hold little trinkets.  And that hole punch will make some neat books.  

I can't even tell you how fabulous this box of Kodachrome slides is.  I will have to photograph more for you. I love that holding them in the sun let's you see what I see!  There are tons of them of this red car with ladies in the 1950s and this giant dog.  Swoon. 

Aren't they great? Yes, I will post more.  You have to see.  

These Valentine seals have never been opened.  I have big plans for those in February. 

This Disney postcard book could not be more right for our trip there in October.  And, look!  They went in October, too!  It will become a mini-book with current postcards from our trip, and a place to hold thoughts and journaling.  

These Grand Canyon postcards couldn't be passed up.  Not for fifty cents and that cute little box they came in. 

This dictionary caught my eye because of the cover and also the thin, fragile sheets that are great for papercrafts.  I'm sorry that I am going to tear it up.  But, then again, I'm not. 

It has great pictures in it, too.

That is what I have found this past month, among a few others that I will share soon.  What have you found? 

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