Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My shopping spree in 1963! Yes, 1963!

I posted some sneak pictures of a 1963 JC Penney catalog that I found a few weekends ago at an antique mall my mom and I used to shop at.  (We also at yummy chicken salad croissants and pineapple cheese salad there, but that's another story).  Boy, was I stoked.  I've been looking for this and for a Sears catalog for a long time.  Did you know that this was the first year the Penney's published a catalog?  

Before I get started, at the top of the catalog, the owner had written, "You don't say."  That made me laugh.  I can see her sitting at her kitchen island with a pink phone cord wrapped around her finger talking to a friend, or her mother, and she wrote what she was thinking.  Isn't that funny? 

I went shopping in the catalog like we used to do right before Christmas every year when we were kids.  Remember?  Here's what I picked.  

Are you seeing a trend in red here?

Must have a slip to go with those pretty dresses. I spared you the girdle. 

She doesn't look near as excited about the kitty barber coat as I am, don't you think?  And you can't make that description up, folks.  It really said that.  

Next time, we'll shop for shoes and purses.  Did I spend too much?  I think so.  

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