Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two diaries worth mentioning

I've ordered two diaries from Amazon recently that I wanted to share.  I love to write and love to be crafty, and when you combine the two, I'm sold.

The Diet Doodle Diary by Parragon Books

Who hates the battle?  Me.  This book makes it a little bit easier and losing weight is "cute."  Yes, I just said that.  Well, the book is cute, not the losing weight part.  You can doodle or write or use a pack of brand new Sharpies and plan your route to getting healthy, all in this book.  There are places for measurements, goals, daily food logs, daily exercise logs, and even a place to draw what's inside your refrigerator, then and now!  I wonder if I can draw the science projects in mine.  Ha.

I just started this diary, but my goal is to keep it up all summer long, and then from there on if there are still pages left.  Who would think that a cute and artsy book would motivate me to lose weight??

What Did I Buy Today? An Obsessive Consumption Journal by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Now, this one is taking a bit more encouragement for me to write in.  I'm not sure I want all of my Sonic Route 44 drinks documented.  Would you?  They know my name there, people.  Anyway, we are saving and working toward a major goal of getting the mister through two more years of school and then travelling our hearts out over the summers when he becomes a teacher too.  Again, the cute journal idea got me again, and I'm hoping the creative lure will help me stay on it.  And Disney is coming soon...hooray for Jack Skellington and his buddies!  OK, I'm off the subject now.  So go check out the book...I'll forget why I was telling you about it while I draw my Sonic cup on today's entry.

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