Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Apartment Life: My Workout Plan and Using C25K to WALK

Apartment living has made me a little...ummm...lazy.  I don't get near the workout cleaning as I did when I had 2500 sf to clean.  I don't miss it.  Don't get me wrong.  But I don't like that I am sedentary a bit more than I had been.  Katie and I still get outside and swim, but we do a lot of nothing in the summer too.  Our workout room at the complex has what you would need for a basic workout...it really is pretty nice.  And the cold air feels really good when it's 100 outside.  It is right in front of the pool so there is a pretty view while you work out.

Alright.  I have decided (as a side note) that I hate to run.  I don't mind it if I'm really stress and need to take off down the parking lot and burn off some steam (just kidding), but I would rather walk.  That being said, I decided to try to kick it up a notch when I do walk, so I came up with a plan a few days ago to use the C25K program (these are my own opinions and my own workout, not a sponsored post) to WALK instead of RUN.  It's pretty simple, actually.  And if you live in an apartment, you can hop, skip, or jump to your workout facility and USE it.  From what I understand at our complex, most don't use it.

Here's the plan:

Download the C25K app on your phone, tablet, etc.

Launch the app and get going.  This is what I do.

1.  Start with the Week 1, Day 1 plan (you will continue to go through each day just as you would if you were running.
2.  For the warm-up, start the treadmill incline at 4.0 and the speed at 2.5.  It's not a race, just warm up.  Half way through you could bump the speed to 3.0 if you feel like a turtle.
3.  At the first signal to run, bump the incline up to 9.0 (that's not a typo) and bump the speed up to 3.2-3.5. You could go faster if you have longer legs or are a runner to begin with, but with that incline, you'll feel it, trust me.
4.  At the signal to begin walking again, bump the speed down to 3.5 and the incline back to 4.0.
5.  At each signal to run or walk, decrease the incline by .5, so it will look like this: 8.5 (incline at run signal) to 3.5 (incline at walk signal), then 8.0 (incline at run signal) to 3.0 (incline at walk signal).
6.  Of course, when you get closer to the end, your final incline will be 1 for a few of the walks, and that is a-ok.
7.  You may also decide to decrease your speed by .1 at each signal.  I have done that and it still gives me a great workout.
8.  Bring a towel.  You will be soaking wet with sweat.
9.  Don't forget to have a rad playlist going the whole time.  I wouldn't recommend The Puppini Sisters (my choice for swing dancing).  Ha. Must change mine.  But I have found that some of my inspirational music is GREAT for walking!  And so is Christmas music.  No, really, it is.

Let me know how you like it if you try it!  If you don't like running, it's pretty awesome!  I'm working on building some muscle back up and saying goodbye to some winter fluff (I do that every summer).  And don't forget about that diary I told you about.  It makes it easy to keep track!

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