Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How To: Children's Party Invitations from 1949 and Sprinkles Cupcakes Royal Baby Reveal!

If you remember my post from here, I had mentioned a vintage party series coming soon, and it's finally here!  I shared some party etiquette in this post, and now that I have been able to continue on with my book, I would like to share some simple party invitation instructions that Katie and I followed word for word.  No embellishments were harmed in the making of these invitations; we did just as we were told (aside from a bit of glass glitter).

One note:  Of course you must have cupcakes to photograph birthday party invitations, right?  I stopped at Sprinkles in Dallas today and picked up four.  William stuck his thumb in one before the pictures.  Ha.  Today they offered Royal Baby Gender Reveal cupcakes and Katie and I both had to have one.  I got chocolate, she got vanilla, but you have to scroll down to see what we found out!

Supplies needed:

construction paper in pastel colors
pencil to draw shape
glue (we used Martha Stewart's glitter glue; it has a handy brush tip)
glitter (we used glass glitter from Stampin' UP!)

Fold a piece of construction paper in half and trace the shape of the birthday candle on the fold.  We used a ruler and free-handed the flame.  If you'd like, you could cut the flame in yellow and glue on top of the original shape.  Draw a squiggle line at the bottom of the candle and apply glue with your finger.  Sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry.

On the inside of your invitation, write this message:

Come to my birthday party on Friday; It's at two; There will be cake and candles and lots of things to do;

Katie could have made all of these herself if she didn't fuss about all the writing.  She's thinking we should have just used the printer...

Now, if you were a true friend, you hand-delivered these puppies right to your buddies.  Here is the book I am reading, just in case you want to pick one up for yourself.

Oh, yeah, we have to cut that cupcake, don't we?  Here we go!

It's a....GIRL!  No, wait.

Is she having twins?

Katie's was blue.  Hmmm.


  1. Very charming and retro, love these!

    1. Thank you! It was fun making them...my daughter loved it. :)