Monday, September 30, 2013

I have a new look!

Hello, there!  If you've stopped by in the last few weeks, you've noticed things have changed a bit around here.  If you are viewing through a reader or Facebook, click on over and see the whole site!  Here's whats up:
  1. I've always loved my original blog, Feed the Birdies, and I've missed it so!
  2. Amy's BUILD course helped me realize that it's still where I want to be, even though I will introduce a new kind of posting and then open a new shop--all paper (coming November 1!).
  3. Kara is awesome at blog design, and I knew she was just the person to make over my space, and this is just the RIGHT time to do it.  
So welcome back!  The old link will direct you here.  Don't worry.  NEST924 will still be's my new shop name.  A nest is sometimes made of old paper, and that's just what my nest  will be made of too.  Stay tuned for a preview week (October 14-18) and then the shop opens November 1!  

Look the very tip top you will see links to my blog categories, just in case you stop here for specific posts.  On the right, you'll see a search bar if you want to find something specific (like my cats, do you?).  You'll also see little buttons to click to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, among other hangouts.  

I'll see you on Wednesday with a 30 Lists update and an idea for layering old notebook paper in your journal.  Have a good Monday, and thanks for stopping by!

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