Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why layering old paper reminds me that sweets are essential

I think I got my sweet tooth from my grandpa.  I need something sweet after every meal, including breakfast, especially on the weekends.  My grandma always had some kind of treat around, and I remember licking the bowl of cherry vanilla ice cream (or sometimes butter pecan), or mopping up crumbs of apple cake, or sinking my fork into the thick frosting on a second piece of her chocolate cake that she made from scratch. As a kid, I spent most of my time with my grandparents on the weekends for sleepovers.  We'd sew a new short set or I'd go to Gibson's Discount with them and hang around in the office supplies. Even then I loved paper and anything to write with, and they kept a big cup of pencils and company click-style bic pens right by the old rotary phone, with a variety of notepads I could play store on.

This was a fun page for me to look back at and reflect on.  I love that when we create, we can go back and find hidden meaning or thoughts into what we include.  This page in my journal from my 30 Lists prompt reminds me of weekends with them.  You can layer old notebook and ledger paper just like you'd layer my grandma's hummingbird cake, frost it with a little bit of sweetness from Amy Tangerine (Cute Overload Remarks), and add a title using an old airmail envelope.

Just like layers of a cake, we have layers of ourselves...layers of memories...layers we can preserve and share.  What memories do you have of your grandparents?  And how do they influence what you might list as essential?

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