Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Collage a Dressing Gown

Sometimes it's hard to cut up vintage papers, but, remember how you would cut pictures from catalogs and sale ads and paste them to your wish list? You only cut out and kept the things you loved, right? It's the same with old paper. Cut flowers from stationery and tear up an old dictionary page. Trim ruffles from the dress of a belle on wrapping paper and tear apart some postage stamps. It works. Don't you think? You'll find papers just like these in my shop on Friday! 

I used: 1967 Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book image, vintage Current Fold A Notes(cut flowers), National Geographic map of flowers, 1950 dictionary, S&H green stamp, 1960s wrapping paper, butterfly flash card (wings), black and white copy of an old photo. 

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