Sunday, November 17, 2013

Collections: My Postage Stamp Inheritance

I never met him, but I wish I had.  I think we would have been great friends and I probably would have had a new estate sale buddy.  My father-in-law went to Heaven before William and I got married, but we've kept some things of his that are pretty special.  Of the most beautiful, William's mother gave us his and her wedding rings to exchange at our own wedding.  Of the most fun, William also has his father's postage stamp collection.  Being a vintage lover, it's a pretty neat album of nostalgia to flip through. 

(postage paid envelopes and postcards--don't you love the Moby Dick envelope?)

I would love to know more about his collections and why he collected them.  Did he go to trade conventions or did they just come in the mail?  I don't know if he collected any more than the postage stamps that we have, but this must have been something he liked to do, and I wish I could share my collections with him.  I wonder what he would think of what we collect? :) 

At the craft show this weekend, there was a woman next to us who had worked for the postal service for 30 years.  She saw me putting some projects together while I sat at my booth and noticed all of the postage stamps I had.  We went through them together and she told me what she remembered of some of them.  Most are in a four block of a specific series. 

I love the Postal People series here: 

Did you know that it's important to have the number of the series on the block?

There are space stamps,

PTA (my favorite), 

wildlife and planet conservation,

and olympics in his collection.

I'm sure we have around 75-100 blocks.  There are a few in his collection that aren't full blocks that I've used for little projects.  I'll share three gifts you can make with postage stamps this week!

I've found that most of his collection aren't worth more than the face value, but that's ok, because I want to keep them.  I'm thinking a giant collage on our wall is in order.  What would you use them for if had a big collection like this? I think it would be fun to mail letters to family and close friends with them, too!

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