Monday, November 18, 2013

Postage Project (1): How to Create a Bunting Using Vintage Postage

You can create a bunting very simply using vintage postage and baker's twine.  Buntings are very popular at parties and for holiday decor, and tiny ones are precious on a cake or in a little display of bottle brush trees!

Here's my big ol' box of postage stamps!

You will need:  vintage postage stamps (how many depends on how long or how many buntings you will make), baker's twine (any color...I used solid red from Martha Stewart's craft line), and wood skewers or very small dowel rods cut to fit your display.

How To:  
1.  Lay out your postage and determine the length of your bunting.  You can also arrange them in how you would like for them to appear.
2.  Cut your baker's twine about 12 inches longer than the line of postage you have created. (You will need about 6 inches on each side if you wish to tie a bow or if you'd like some twine dangling from the skewer.)
3.  Use craft glue to put a tiny line of glue near the top of the back of the postage stamp, turn the stamp over, and press the glue into the baker's twine.  Don't worry, this holds up really well.  (I used Elmer's craft glue.)
4.  Continue placing postage along the baker's twine.
5.  Allow to dry an hour or two.
6.  Tie the ends of the twine to your skewers or dowel, and then display your bunting!

I made a double one for a cake for a very special little girl's fundraiser, and I think the bunting just makes the display! I also made some little cupcake picks to go along with them.  Package tags, too!

Vintage postage will be listed in the shop tonight if you would like to make your own!  It's a quick, simple little craft that adds quite a bit of whimsy to your table top!

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