Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Shine Project in Dallas!

I've been a reader of The Shine Project for a long time, and when I saw Ashley's tweet about them coming to Dallas...I got oh, so excited!  I've told you that I am a high school teacher, and The Shine Project and Kiki La Rue are throwing a phenomenal party with a cause that is close to my heart.  

I teach a class called PALs, which focuses on being leaders of your school and mentoring your peers and those younger, and we work really hard to make life a little easier for those that are struggling and need a friend, a big brother, or a big sister.  I don't just have three kids at home...I have about 180 others that are mine.  And it's awesome.  Mentoring, teaching, and guiding kids is what I do, and I love it.  And that's why I love what these ladies are doing!

Ashley, from The Shine Project, and her team, take those kiddos from inner city schools that might not have a chance otherwise to go to college, and provide scholarships for them to attend.  They also employ those kids to help them stay in school, which is an awesome opportunity for those that need an extra chance at their dream.

Here's what Ashley has to say about the event: "We are teaming up with Kiki La Rue, a large online clothing site, to throw an amazing holiday party in Southlake, TX. They will be having a large warehouse sale, and donating a big portion of proceeds to our scholarship fund which gives college scholarships to inner city American youth. We will also have a booth there, selling our Threads by The Shine Project bracelets! We employ inner city youth to hand make bracelets to help them continue to pay their way through college after their scholarship money runs out." 

Word is out that some pretty famous bloggers will step on the red carpet, there will be fabulous shopping, and tons of food!  I don't know about you, but my t-shirt, khakis, and Converse teacher wardrobe could use a little stepping up, and I know those ladies will have cute hair ideas and all kinds of ways to make you want to bust out of that style rut I've been in, right??   See you there, friends!  

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