Monday, December 2, 2013

Deck the Halls: A Gift Card Pocket

My boys were here this weekend and we spent lots of time on a mini staycation watching the big cats get their turkeys, shopping for RV supplies for Gram and Papa, and eating tons of food that is soooo bad for us. When they are gone, oh, how I miss them.  Tonight, I got a text from my younger one saying to check out this YouTube video: 

You've seen it, right?  It's our favorite. It makes us smile every time, and this time it made a tear fall...I miss them so much.

Several fun things started yesterday, like 30 Days of Lists and December Daily, and lots of you probably spent December 1 decking your own halls.  Here's a little project you could use for any the above, or to make an advent calendar, or to store a gift card for a friend!

Here is another simple and fast little project using a mini kraft bag (gift card size) and some vintage and new embellishments. 

You will need:
  • mini kraft bag
  • adhesive
  • ribbon or lace
  • vintage slide mount you can get from my shop here
  • christmas postage (or other ephemera) you can get here
  • any other bit you would like to add
I cut my number 1 from a vintage flash card from my stash.  It's ok to cut them up! 

Adhere all of your goodies to the bag in any manner you wish, making a collage on top of the bag.  I added a vintage Christmas to/from tag inside and will add a gift card for our exchange with family.

What will you do with yours?  Please link us up in the comments and/or use the hashtag #fivedaysofjingles on Instagram or Twitter.  Tag me, @feedthebirdies . Glad you stopped by!

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