Monday, December 23, 2013

Don't Lick the Dennison Labels

Dennison labels are so stinking hard to find around the metroplex.  However, this past few weeks, the gods have been smiling down on my estate shopping and I've happened upon a few boxes of them to treasure.  I'd even been going into local antique shops and asking for them, and one lady thought I was talking about labels made for a town near here.  Ummm. No.  Although that would be neat if they were made close to here.

I should have watched that episode of Seinfeld before I started using these in my December Daily album. You know, the one where George's girlfriend licks the old envelopes and dies?  Haha.  Leave it to me to think it's still A-ok to lick these bad boys and put them in a book.  Blech!  How about a mouth full of moldy/several decade old peppermint/yellowed/closed-up house taste!  Won't do that again.  Use your paper adhesive that you just bought at Hobby Lobby, folks.  Ever licked one?

P.S. Aren't the ones in that last picture perfect for a Christmas book?

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