Sunday, May 18, 2014

All Dressed Up for a Rockabilly Party

Every year, our friends host a huge party to celebrate their birthdays.  It's gotten bigger and bigger these past few years, and what used to take up one hanger on a small air strip now spans three hangers plus a bit. There are hot rods, Miatas, WWII jeeps, WWII aircraft with fly over demonstrations, all kinds of other aircraft, and hundreds of people that flock in for a family friendly day of rockabilly fun.  

One hanger hosts a rockabilly band (this year The Blue Dots) and the other Buddy's Big Band from Fort Worth.  This year they had swing dance lessons for beginners right before the band started to play so you didn't feel like a total newbie on the floor.  

Lots of folks dress in period clothing from WWII to the 50s and early 60s.  The WWII impression you see above is Woody, who graciously allowed us to interview him here a few months ago about reenactment. This is the second year Kate and I went to Lynne of Vintage Flair to have our hair and makeup done (she's done my hair for every pin up shoot as well--and her work is fabulous...I mean, did you SEE the back of my hairstyle? No, really, did you see it??).  Once Katie had it done last year, it kind of became a mother/daughter tradition, and that's perfect since the party sits right around Mother's Day each year. 

Katie and I went in poodle skirts (can't talk William into going as our Fonzie yet, haha) and she was pretty much the Belle of the Ball.  That very last picture shows you what the carnage of a 1950s up-do looks like. Haha!  I was able to wear it two days, and probably could have worn it a third, if I could have figured out how to keep the toilet paper wrap in place at night.  I'm not as good at that as my grandma was.

Going to parties like these makes me wish I dressed this way all the time and did my hair the same.  I love it. I should have been a teen of the 50s and a woman of the 60s.  But I don't mind the attention it gets me when I do dress the part now. 

Have you had an experience like this one?  I wish it was more than just one time each year.  I'm trying to talk William into meeting with these folks for swing dancing each weekend during the summer.  It'd be swell, don't you think?


  1. oh yes !! swing dance in the summer would be perfect !!! what a fun party !!

    1. Totally fun, Jenny! You guys would love it. :)