Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"You can see that Hitler had a grip on the people..."

I may have shown you a few of these before, but they are worth the repeat.  We were shopping at an estate in Garland and my husband bought an old drill from the garage.  In the box, in the owner's manual, wrapped up and hidden, were these pictures and letters. 

We've pondered the story of why they were hidden, and we are pretty sure these came from a French soldier that was killed and then a serviceman sent them home to his family. 

They are eerie and fascinating, and very much a thought provoking discovery. 

Finding things like this has made me much more interested in history itself.  They are real.

They tell a horrible story.

They depict the terror and the devastation of the war. I held back some of the more graphic ones out of respect for the men and women that lost their lives. 

We contacted the local Holocaust museum to see if they would want to use them on display, but we were told they would be placed in the archives. We decided to keep them. We have some of them framed and the rest stored with our own photos.  I suppose I should write the story of how we found them and place it with the pictures for safe keeping. 

Have you ever found anything of such historical value?  What would you do with them? We've sat in the floor and stared at them...trying to figure out each minute of what happened. We have negatives, too.  And two letters. The letters are about family and buying cigarettes, interestingly enough. But the "Heil Hitler" and the swastika are enough to rattle you to the core, no matter the message in the body. No wonder they were hidden. 

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