Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why You Should Read Vintage Magazines

Better Homes and Gardens is my top pick when it comes to buying vintage magazine issues. These three are 1956-58 and I pulled them out of a neat stack tied up with nylons in an old shed. They aren't in the best shape, but there are still lots of things to learn from them! Here's why you should buy...and read...old magazines. 
1. Design ideas. Even if you aren't a mid-century lover, you'll be inspired by tips and arrangements for your home.
2. The articles are very informative, especially if you purchase from estate sales like we do, and need to find out about details like dates, replacement parts, manufacturers, etc. (And then there are articles that are just plain FUNNY.)
3. Old magazines are a super cool history lesson. 
4. And you can see somebody must have cut some things from this issue for a school project, maybe?
5. The recipes. I've found Aunt Audrey's Puff Pastry and a pineapple salad recipe we've searched for, for a long time.
6. The ads and illustrations. Be they ever so sexist, they're still worth the giggles and the surprised look on your face! 
7. You can dream of owning a pink GE kitchen, for $35 per month. 
8. Christmas decor and gift ideas just got a little more nostalgic. 
9. The cars. I want a Nomad. 
10. And, last but not least, take the plans and patterns and create that decade, year, or childhood memory all over again. 

I buy most of my magazines at estate sales, of course, but you can also find them at antique malls, Etsy, or EBay. Others to look for are Family Circle and McCall's. Follow me on Instagram, @feedthebirdies, for my Tonight's Reading posts to see what issues I've read or will read. It's a fun little hobby! 

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