Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Vintage Mead Data Planner PLUS The Trapper Keeper is Back!

I bet you had one, and if you didn't, you sure did want one. Have you seen the articles around the interwebs about the Trapper Keeper coming back? I'm going to try really hard not to get in a scrimmage over one when they hit the shelves. My goodness, what teacher wouldn't want one?

But, about a month ago, guess what I found in a tiny white closet sitting on a shelf? An unused Mead notebook (Data Planner), and heavens to Betsy if it didn't have a cat on it.  I was giddy, squealed at my daughter a bit, scooped it up and hugged it tight until I got to the checkout. Sorry, this one won't make it to the shop. Sure, it's not a Trapper Keeper, but it reminded me so much of the one I DID have when I was a kid. And it snaps. And has cool folders inside.

Did you know that some schools banned the Trapper Keeper with the Velcro (when they transitioned from snap closure) because teachers didn't like the noise? They went right back to the snap.

A little bit of history about the notebook I found, the Data Planner: it is older than the Trapper Keeper and came out about 5 or 6 years before.  It included a calendar, pencil pouch, and schedule planner, and gray file folder pockets, and then has a clip on the back inside for a legal pad.  It's pretty neat.. AND mine HAS A CAT ON IT. I know how I'm organizing my classes this year. I bet the kids try to talk me out of it.

(Did you know that Mead made the Big Chief Tablet, too? It's right on the front, but I never noticed.)

Well, rumor has it that Target will carry the new Trapper Keeper when it comes out this month. That means any day now.  I'll race ya.

P.S. I've been on a new adventure these last few weeks.  I have an announcement to make in a couple days! Summer is good. :)

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