Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kickin' It Old School: Finding Report Cards and School Ephemera from the 1920s and Beyond

Hello hello! No excuses...but I'm here. :) It seems that since we only have about two weeks of summer before the teachers head back to school, that I find more and more vintage school supplies at estate sales. Plus, I'm planning to be The Teacher From the Black Lagoon 1950s, so I've been busy researching and reading old Better Homes and Gardens and etiquette books and collecting vintage clothing for ME to wear to school.  Wait til you see my OOTD posts. I'm so excited!

I've also started a new little business with my sweet friend, Katie, from school.  We now have a shop: Miss Henny Penny, where we hunt down the vintage and bring it to you.  There are exciting things happening with that right now...we are working on parties of the tell us the decade or theme...we bring the goods.

(teacher's hall pass for my room! yay!)

If you are in the DFW area, we will also have a booth at the Loot Vintage Market in September at Texas Motor Speedway!  WOOHOO!  We are super excited about that one, and don't you worry...Feed the Birdies will be there, too, with some swell papers. No way am I giving this up, or this little space. It will always be near and dear.

(I'll fight somebody if they try to take my Ticonderoga pencils. P.S. Didn't Mrs. Payne look nice in her school photos? She had two...what's up with that?)

It's a good thing I took pictures of these when I did. My cat threw up on them today and ruined the lot. Hmph.

Don't you wish report cards still looked like these? "George is a lovely student but..." He could use careful study habits to raise these grades, too.  What is he thinking? Uh Oh. Not a strong S.

I loved finding these old camp "reports" and the student's American Red Cross swimming card. I wonder what her bathing suit looked like? Very modest, I'm sure.

Then there was this school yearbook that I grabbed at the last second off a book shelf at an estate sale.  It is from 1922 and I really can't tell if it is college or high school.  I really believe it is college.  Here is Grace's picture; she must have cut out her beau. I wonder what that story was.

When I opened the yearbook I squealed like I had found money. It wasn't money. It was her report cards. From 1922-23, you guys. What a neat piece of ephemera. Look at her classes and her grades, and notice she took multiple levels at the same time (junior, senior).

Domestic Art and Domestic Science. Love.
Here is her senior class roster, although she was but a lowly sophomore when this yearbook was printed. Don't you love all of these names?

Here she is. Second row. Far right. From Hope, AR. And I guess that Zeb was her beau. Is that who she cut out of the picture? Oh, I bet it was. He must have really broken her heart that summer. 
They look much older than high school sophomores; I bet this is a college. It's also an agricultural college.

I still have so much to share. Lots of neat textbooks and elementary findings with really funny drawings. It's amazing what an abandoned box in a garage will allot you. Don't forget to dig! 

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