Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Teacher from the 1950s: My Wardrobe this Year and Why I am DoingThis!

So, I've taken on a BIG change as far as clothing and my wardrobe is concerned, and cleaned out my closet to replace it with vintage! I have to admit, it was super scary taking out my go-to GAP cotton elastic-waist cropped pants and all those plain black t-shirts I wore on a regular basis (how boring), but I did it. I was determined to make a change, and I just kept on pushing.

Skirt is handmade, vintage croc bag, vintage Naturalizer shoes (what??), sweater from GAP, vintage brooch)

A lot of my friends ask why I am doing this, and here are my thoughts. I love vintage everything, and for the last ten years, that has been true and an ever growing passion, so I should and want to dress this way. But, as a teacher, one of our biggest struggles on campus has been dress code. If you look at the difference between what students dressed like in mid-century times versus what they dress like now, there is a huge gap, not only in what is appropriate at younger and younger ages, but the influence peers have on what they decide to wear. Right? If I can influence or inspire one girl on my campus to not only be herself, but to realize that covering yourself up is OK and it's actually very fun and attractive, then my job is done. If I inspire more than one, then that's just icing on the cake. You can be modest and still be pretty. That is my message. Plus, it doesn't matter what size you are!! 

(Skirt is vintage square dance from eBay, top from Heart of Haute, shoes from Salt Water, petticoat from American Apparel, waist cincher from Orchard Corset, hair flower is hand made)

I've been on a roll all summer, hitting estate sales from Wednesday through Friday and sometimes Saturday, hunting and picking and trying on vintage clothing from the 50s, mostly, to add to my collection. You guys, if you've never shopped estate sales for vintage clothing, it's so much cheaper than visiting a shop (although much more work). I found dresses for $2, and on one lucky day, came home with a black 100% cashmere full length winter coat for the same price...two buckaroos. I'll show it to you when I've had it cleaned and ready to wear.

Finally, about two weeks before school started, I posted for my friends to come shop my closet and then soaked, washed, and hung all my vintage and new "vintage" in my closet, and started choosing outfits to try. So far, it's been fun and it's always different, and most of my pieces match other pieces, so it's kind of like having Garanimals from way back when. Remember those? I'm happy to say my collection of vintage is getting rather hefty at a very small price.

First day of school with the kids back! This dress is one I made this summer from my grandmother's Butterick pattern from the 1950s. Fabric is "Enchanted" by Michael Miller. Bolero by Ann Taylor. Petticoat by American Apparel and waist cincher by Orchard Corset. 

A few of my favorite companies to buy "new" from are shown in these pictures. For undergarments like my petticoats, I recommend American Apparel (I wear this one with my shorter skirts) and ModCloth (and this one with my longer skirts-even though it is listed as "short" in the description). I also wear this from Orchard Corset. What a difference a little cinch can make!

For skirts and tops, I love Doll Me Up, Darling, and Heart of Haute. I've also been making my own skirts from fabric and from random vintage linens! Shoes at ModCloth and Salt Water Sandals (my fav right now for summer) are the best. I have these in black and silver and these in red.

Skirt by Doll Me Up, Petticoat is by Hell Bunny on ModCloth, shoes by Salt Water, waist cincher from Orchard Corset, belt is vintage and top from TJ Maxx.

If you want to follow my daily dress, I'm posting on Instagram every day and I also tag all of my photos with the companies I am wearing plus identifying the vintage I have found. My username is @feedthebirdies  and I am using the hashtag, #teacherfromthe50s on all of my posts. I'd love to be friends and see what you are up to as well!

Until Sunday, keep it vintage, doll! I'll see you then. P.S. Don't paper hoarding instinct has not gone away...and I will keep sharing that as well as estate sales, fun little updates and projects, and my house. Have a good week!


  1. Bravo to your purpose for doing this and it's Earth friendly and you look great! I've seen you on Instagram (and I sell vintage but not clothing) and am also a paper addict. ��✨��

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