Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pretty Wrappings for Old Papers and Vintage Gifts

I came home with a pretty stack of ladies' handkerchiefs, starched and folded and ironed into neat little squares. I threw them in the wash with bath towels and spent a bit opening and pressing them again, letting my mind wander as to what to do with them. There are so many tiny details on these pretty linens that they should be shared and not tucked away.

Sew Somerset  is one of my favorite magazines to read, because it combines paper and fabric, and being a reborn seamstress lately, I love them both so much. I have many friends who do, too, and I began thinking of ways to package paper gifts with these pretty little hankies.  Here are a few ideas.

Place your ephemera or paper in a clear sleeve with a cardboard insert so that it remains somewhat rigid. Wrap the sleeve like you would a gift, using a handkerchief as your "paper." Tie a silky bow of vintage seam binding around your gift and create a simple shipping tag to label it. Any friend would adore something as pretty as this!

I left the pretty edges of this one out; they are too sweet to cover up.

Place your gift in a paper roll such as from paper towels or bath tissue. Wrap the hankie around the roll and secure both ends with silky ribbon, yarn, or small bits of baker's twine. You could add a tag and use a vintage Dennison seal to embellish (I just listed some in my shop!) Wouldn't this be pretty packaging for tea bags and a silver spoon?

What other ideas do you have to use hankies for wrapping? They are always in abundance at estate sales, so don't pass them up next time you stop.

Speaking of, we will have hankies and lots more vintage for any style at our Miss Henny Penny booth at Loot Vintage Market at Texas Motor Speedway, September 26-28. We'd love for you to stop by and say hello if you are in the DFW metroplex area!

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