Thursday, October 23, 2014

Use Vintage: Accessories for a Man Cave

Sometimes it's hard to get a man on board to pick for vintage, or for any kind of decor for that matter, right? My husband is very patient when it comes to what I use to decorate our home, including what I hang on the walls or place on shelves. His only gripe is when I yank a piece of furniture out from under him. Haha! (That just happened a week ago.) Man Crates, asked me how I would decorate a man cave, and of course I said, "Vintage!!" So, here we go!

I've been looking through my vintage collection from estate sales and visits to thrift shops to see what might be an easy fix for the man that wants a masculine touch in his man cave (AKA living area if you have a small space), but also allows his lady to match colors and styles, specifically vintage, in our case.

For his end table, a vintage Popular Mechanics is just about right for anyone. Ha! Look at that. This issue is about making your home a show place! Perfect for his lady to scan through as well. Vintage melmac ash trays are great for catching car keys and his pocket contents.

If he has a drink or two on occasion, these 1960s cocktail glasses and a recipe booklet make a fun decor piece that will strike a conversation or two. And, you could also frame a few old labels from liquors in these vintage gold frames.

Decks of vintage playing cards are neat sitting on the coffee table, which, in our case, is a vintage army trunk.

Blankets in the room don't have to be pink and rosy; you can find old afghans at many estate sales and they come in all kinds of colors! Or, if you prefer, old 9-square quilts are a favorite at our house.

For the walls, a paint-by-number can fit any taste, especially since they range from mountain scenes to puppy dogs to pretty ladies salsa dancing (although a bit feminine, it can still work for a man).

If he likes to travel, you can't go wrong with old postcards or brochures from the 40s or 50s of his favorite places to visit. They would look swell in a frame or just laying in a piece of vintage pottery on the coffee table.

Fishing ephemera would be a hit for many men as well! 

I chose most of these things because they will not only appeal to your man, but to the ladies as well. Vintage fits any personality, because there will always be memories.

These can also be easily transitioned into your vintage room for your guy! Let me know if you are working on a man cave of your own and what you choose! This would be a fun link-up if you'd like to leave yours in the comments! See you next time!

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  1. Forget the man cave, I want some of these things for my "woman cave"!

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