Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nifty (and Thrifty!) Ways to Use a Butter Dish Lid

I couldn't pass up these two butter dishes at an estate sale this weekend. But I couldn't find the bottoms, either. Still, as pretty as they are, I started thinking of all kinds of ways to use the lids as storage in my paper room and in other areas of the house. (I always need storage options.)

If you are a paper crafter, use it to store old labels or washi tape. Washi tape fits perfect in a re-purposed butter dish lid!

If you are a hostess or a cook, use it to hold your favorite recipes and they are handy to reach for.

If you are a seamstress, rick rack packages fit perfectly in a butter dish lid!

Here are a few other ideas:

  • fill with four or five cookies and wrap in cellophane, tie a bow, and give to a friend that needs them!
  • place sugar packets in them for a tea party (thank you to our reader, Amy, for that one!)
  • use it for a place to drop your keys or change on the counter
  • and, if all else fails, put little pats of butter inside (If your family is as excited about yeast rolls as mine is during the holidays, they won't be noticing the bottom is missing.) 
I also think of using it as packaging and pretty Christmas hostess gifts and all kinds of trinkets you could hold in a small receptacle like these. 

Do you bring home things with missing pieces sometimes? Don't overlook them when you're out and about. I bet in a few seconds you can find something to put in it. Happy thrifting! 

P.s. I just updated the shop with some vintage Christmas cards and other fun things. I also have the loot from a math professor's estate coming up! 

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