Monday, April 12, 2010

The neatest news...

This is my Grandma Betty
and I and Kate at Christmas 2008. 
She loves hats and collects clowns.  She lives right next to my parents and she gardens like mad.  She loves animals, dogs especially, and she and my grandad used to haul a van load of kids and dogs to 4-H dog shows all over Texas.  They bought my first dog, a Sheltie (Cherry) for me to show, and many evenings were spent in the back patch training dogs and training us.  She's had a cat or two, raised some cows, goats, rabbits, grown tons of flowers, and had a goldfish tank in her backyard. We used to take baby bunnies in her house and play with them like toys.  There aren't any stickers (that's grass burrs if you aren't from our 5 acres) in her yard, and no trash on the road because she walks down both ways and picks it up.  She and grandad made yummy suppers and we all would gather and eat.  Grandad always had an apron he wore at Christmas that had rudolph with a real blinking nose on it.  I miss him still.

  Grandma has no plans to slow down her routine any time soon...she travels, she meets with friends, goes to church every Sunday...and has a boyfriend. 

AND...they are getting married in August. 

She is 83 I think
And I also think that her plans are fabulous! 

She has overcome and loved more than I ever hope that I will be able to.  She is a caretaker and a brave lady.  She is generous, kind, and funny.  She still gets pulled over by police but now she doesn't get a ticket because by the time they reach her car door, she has them bent over in stitches with a funny remark (just ask her about her milkshake and cookie that disrupted her driving). 

She's an awesome grandma.  And she is an inspiration of what I want to be when I am her age.  Happiness at the highest level.  That's what you get with her.  Congratulations, Grandma.  I love you!

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  1. A perfect sweet tribute to a sweet lady.....