Friday, April 8, 2011

Paper must be your thing....mine too!

*Feed the Birdies is launching a brand new vintage paper gift/stationery line next weekend (Saturday, April 16, at Deep Ellum Market in Dallas).  Come see us with Handmade Ginger's Cassie and Katy!*

You MUST go see what Lindsay from Scenic Glory did with patterns for a window display.  Stunning!

I have a few easy questions for you (because I want to build on this part of the Feed the Birdies vintage paper gifts will launch next weekend at Deep Ellum Market and I am beyond excited!!) is Friday, after all...what kind of paper/vintage paper projects would you like to see?  
  • Do you like things made of paper (like the bows I posted) or things like cards/journals, or authentic collections of my findings (for you to make your own pretties), or all three?  
  • Would you like to see some spin off crafts from vintage findings and some cool paper home decor/paper gifts inspired by DIY artists and fashion using paper and paint? 
  • Do you like {Thrifty Tuesday} the way it is or would you like for me to focus on just paper findings?  
  • Do you enjoy my vintage recipes (although I must get busy and post another soon!); they are vintage paper goods as well...just a different form of sharing. 
  • What are your favorite paper crafting or DIY blogs? 
  • Would you like to see features of other paper artists that I admire?
  • It's just about time to open up this nest for sponsors again (I decided to wait for the launch)....if this is your passion then this is your space to promote your blog and/or shop!  Stay tuned for details on April 15th. Yay!
Alrighty!  It's off to school I excited for today...I am interviewing new PALs.  This has been the most rewarding year kidding.  How will I pass these guys off to the great big Eagle's nest at the end of the year?  I have no idea!  With lots of tears and great big wishes for the brightest future ever. Anyway, comment below with your thoughts...I love to read them!  It's time to make this as fun for you as it is for me...with a little bit of randomness mixed in for good measure.  Haha!


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