Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Thrifty Tuesday} Apron Strings, lamps, and lingerie

Thrifting was good this weekend! We only hit one estate sale. It was our favorite company that was running it...he has the best prices and he just tells you what you spent at the register instead of pricing absolutely everything in the house. It could be kind of risky that way, but not with this guy. We showed up on the last day and it was pretty much picked over, save a few treasures, but I got an armful of vintage clothing and linens including a sheer black robe from a lingerie set, a little pink nightie, a vintage black bathing suit, a cute little worn hockey player tablecloth (I have never seen a table cloth with hockey players...haha! My nephew will love it!) and the best...this apron

...for my friend Cassie.

All those pieces plus a couple more things cost me a whole 25 cents each.

WOW! ...he just grabbed what I had in my arms and said, "OK, $2." Yippee!

We were checking out and found this lamp at the front of the house, with a $45 tag on it, but the guy was ready to empty the house so we asked him the bottom dollar. $15.

SOLD. And doesn't it look great with our theme going on in here? We were a bit worried when we bought it, but now that it's settled in, it's a charmer!

What treasures did you find this weekend?


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  1. I have a thing for lamps and I LOVE this one :)