Friday, June 24, 2011

Not your grade school pencil case... {Fat Pencil Diaries}

This little pink train case has been sitting in the garage and now a closet, waiting for a makeover, and the day has finally come!  A little muscle and a magic eraser helped it go from this....
to this...
 Miko approves.
Whew.  It was nasty.
I've been carrying my craft supplies in vintage suitcases for quite sometime, and this little case will help me travel lighter and more efficient.  The top tray is great for pencils and pens, adhesive, ribbons, and small amounts of trinkets I can use for cards, and the bottom houses pre-cut paper, envelopes, ink, and a stamp set or two.  Promise you won't run over me to get the next one at an estate sale? 


  1. I love it!!!! My mom has a very similar tan one. She is the original owner. Someday I will get it, but hopefully not any time soon. I did see a delicious blue one at the antique store a few weeks back, but I wasn't willing to pay $35.

  2. Oh wow. I WANT. My makeup train case looks pretty much exactly like that but red & bigger (duhh ginny). My grandma gave it to me! I love old luggage / cases!

  3. You know... it might not be bigger. I need more coffee.