Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's Stay Friends! The End of Google Friend Connect

I was reading Kam's post on Campfire Chic yesterday, and she has some great tips for bloggers about the end of Google Friend Connect (for my readers that don't blog, it's the Blogger way to connect to my blog feed and other blog feeds that you wish to follow on a regular basis). You can see my GFC followers in my left side bar.

With Picnik moving to Google + and GFC coming to a close, I'm looking at other options and also mentioning sources I have used for staying connected with you and being able to share what I post...I'm not selling my "house" here...I'll still be around right here at this same web address, and you need to be able to find me!  I have a profile on Google + that needs some updating, so I'll take care of that right away.

Follow me on Bloglovin':  I love this site.  It gives you a feed of your favorites with a preview of the post, and when you click to read the entire post, it takes you to the blog itself, so that you don't miss anything, including any fun changes to the layout or design of every blog you read! Click here, and it will take you right to Feed the Birdies!

Follow Feed the Birdies

Follow me on Facebook:  Everybody has one...well, almost all of us, and Feed the Birdies does too!

facebook dymo

Follow me on Twitter:  it's super simple...@feedthebirdies will get you all of my updates to the blog and the shop!

And, last, but certainly not least, I'm on to the Pinterest craze, so click here, and you can follow my boards!  WARNING:  There are lots of cats in my pins!!

Follow Me on Pinterest

If you have lots of readers through GFC, now is the time to let them know where to follow you! And let the friend connections continue...

I'll be back tomorrow with Saturday Sprinkles!  My desk is painted and moved in, and I love the  I can't wait to show you!  

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