Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Apartment Life: Keep kids busy in a tiny space!

My little bunny is really good at keeping herself occupied and playing by herself as well.  She is as creative as you can only imagine, and she can come up with the most amazing ideas on her own.  Sometimes, though, the "bored button" gets whacked and the whining starts.

Since we've been in a smaller space, it almost seems that we have more to do with less to worry about.  Does that make sense? I think that the huge house that we had hindered our ability to focus or to choose one thing to occupy our time because we wandered around in what seemed like oblivion, overwhelmed by the options of what we had accumulated.  Isn't that odd?

It's summer now, and I was really worried about how I was going to keep the little miss busy, but we've come up with some good ideas and plans.  Here's our secret to busting up boredom:

1. FIND MULTIPURPOSE FURNITURE THAT MAKES FUN EASILY ACCESSIBLE  We bought a little table and chairs at an estate this weekend that now doubles as a coffee table.  This way, she has a special place to sit when we are all in there together, and she can still play, too.  Crayons and color books are nearby, as well as board games and books.  It's also a great place for her to set her place for dinner (we don't have a dining room, so we all eat in the living room).

2.   USE THE LANDSCAPE  Surprisingly enough, the short brick stairs to the courtyard are a fun place to set up Littlest Pet Shop toys and the breezeway is a great place to scooter back and forth.  It's also a good place to find rolly polies.  Did I spell that right?  Speaking of, discovering bugs is the best for summer time adventures!  We also have hills outside in our "yard," and racing to beat your time up and down is good exercise for both of us.

3.  MEET THE NEIGHBORHOOD PETS (and wildlife)   In our complex, there is always someone out walking a dog and most are very friendly.  Be sure to ask if you can pet their dogs first; you never know which one might not like that!  As for wildlife, we've found a cardinal family and some bunnies in the courtyard.  It's fun to learn about how they live and eat and Katie is always curious to see when we will see them next.  A side note:  the birds are not too fond of the kitties roaming the bushes outside our patio, and they WILL tell you about it.  :)

5. READ  To get started, you must read this book.  I'm Bored by Michael Ian Black.  Cutest story ever.  And make sure your little one reads it to you if they are able.  Katie was an awesome narrator on the best page in the book. (I won't spoil it for you).   I think there is a potato craft developing out of this one somehow.   Library day!  Momma's favorite day of the week.  :)

6. SWIM We are lucky enough to have a beautiful pool at our complex.  We've been there several times already.  I take a book and then stop and play in the water with her when it gets too hot.  Figure out when little friends should be showing up, and everyone will be happy!  I have also figured out a few exercises I can do while I cool off in there.  Bonus.

I hope that our little routine will help you come up with some ideas for your own kiddos if you dwell in a small place too.  Have a playful summer, and let us know if you come up with something else fun to do! If all else fails, teach them to love HGTV.  Now, that is fabulous, let me tell you.

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