Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Find Your Voice: Lesson 1

If you haven't noticed, I'm really excited about this class, Find Your Voice, with Kristin from rukristin.com.  It's a free workshop that will last the rest of summer, so hop on over and sign up.  You won't regret it.  You will be challenged and inspired, and you have a story to tell.

Here is my take on Lesson One:

Storytelling is sharing your thoughts, perspective, and feelings either with yourself or others you wish to tell and sometimes only those who will listen.  We have had a lot of change in the past few months, and with that comes strong emotions and stress and also lots of happy times, too.  There are times I want to remember and some I wish I could forget, but either way, writing the story lends peace and thanksgiving, and it helps me to be my own self rather than someone I think I should be.  

I am a creative, distracted, inspired, fast-paced, life lover who looks for the adventure in everything I see or watch or hear.  Sometimes I like so many things that I see and have so many ideas to bring to life that I get overwhelmed and I lock up and get absolutely nothing done of what I set out to do.  I love my family, animals, and my career, and I love where we are headed on this journey called life.  

My goals for storytelling are to share with others who have similar experiences, to document for my own family and for myself, and to develop my blog into something that will be a favorite place to visit for inspiration and thoughts and ideas.  I saw a quote the other day that said just that...great people share ideas.  That's what I want.  I plan to have this fit into my blogging, my Project Life (just getting started!!  woohoo!!) pages, our lifestyle, and eventually an online business.  

 My favorite stories are children's books, mostly, but I love to read fiction and memoirs.  I also really enjoy reading articles from the mid-century in 1950s and 60s magazines, cookbooks from the era and from now, and blogs.  My most favorite are those that are true that I can glean some kind of life lesson from.  Fiction provides that lots of times as well.  I am also a member of a local book club which I thoroughly enjoy.  

I am fantastically drawn to vintage style, and I love to think of how things were in the mid-century.  I read etiquette books and magazines from then, and I try to apply what I find to today's lifestyle, although some people find that really weird, and others very unique.  

One of my favorite storytellers is a blogger, Alicia Paulsen, from Posie Gets Cozy.   She tells it just like it is, and she has overcome so many obstacles, and she has a passion for everything that she does.  She's very creative and has beautiful photography on her blog.  She cooks up a storm, and man, would I love to have dinner with her one evening.  Wouldn't you? 

I am hoping that Find Your Voice will help me develop the writing skills that are aesthetically pleasing and that draw attention and inspire.  I don't want to re-create posts that I see somewhere else...I want to tell my own story and share my own ideas (with my thoughts coming from ideas I get while my eyes are wide open to what or who is around me).  

So, that's it!  What do you think storytelling is?  Do you have a blog?  Would you start one?  Or pick back up where you left off?  You can join us here.  See you tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.  


  1. I love mid century furniture and home décor. I haven't answered the style question yet, but I know it will be part of my answer. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ( fellow FYV ) ♥

    1. Isn't it great? :) We sold a lot of our collection not to long ago for the move, but we still love it so much, and we are still drawn to it. Is it as hot there as it is in Texas? It's boiling season now. Haha.

  2. Love that you love children's stories. It may be that my favorite stories are of the Young Adult variety. I'm still thinking about that prompt.

    1. Yes, they are great. I especially love the ones published in earlier years. One of my favorite series is Miroslav Sasek's travel books. I have three of them, and I hope to finish the collection one at a time. :)

  3. Childrens stories can be terrific! I still have some of my "little" books.

  4. I've run out of space for some of the entries, especially about books, music etc. My favourite authors so far seem to be women who lived through extraordinary times like The Brontes and Vera Brittain. I am loving reading everyone's take so far,
    Jo x

  5. I can totally relate to having too many goals/ideas and becoming overwhelmed. I too, have a tendency to shut down when this happens...not a very good way to be. :( I'm working on it though.

    I love kid books too...but I've never really admitted that before. I *have* to read them because I'm a pre-school teacher! lol