Monday, November 4, 2013

My favorite magazines for vintage inspiration

Inspiration is something that I seek out daily from tons of sources, and I am sometimes overwhelmed (wait, who am I kidding?  I'm always overwhelmed.) with the ideas that are swimming laps in my head.  I'm learning to be a bit more picky, and I have some resources that I always go back to when I need a push to create something new and different.  Here are some of my favorites:

Somerset Life and Somerset Home--both are by Stampington & Company and I usually find them at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn stores, but lately I have had to go to the book stores to get them.  There are beautiful ideas for packaging and mailing, such as vintage gifts wrapped in old ballet slippers, and a collage from quirky papers turned into a ball gown.  These magazines are more on the pricey side, but they are worth it for the ideas.

Somerset Studio--This is an all around good resource for anything artistic and the methods and media change with every issue.  It's great for art journaling and collage ideas, and the price is about mid-range for a copy.

Uppercase Magazine--I used to find this magazine in my local Anthropology, but I haven't seen it lately.  Not sure if it is selling out quickly or if they aren't getting it anymore.  It is a more trendy, modern read, but I can always glean from tips and ideas that are written.  There are also unique artists featured in each publication.

Flea Market Style Magazine--You can't love old things and abandon the decor side of it too.  This magazine has great uses for all things vintage, including furniture, housewares, papers, etc.  I never close one without being ready to take on a project around the house.

Country Living Magazine--I really enjoy reading this one, mainly for the ideas for gatherings and parties and such.  I always find a way to use what I have in what they demonstrate.  One of my favorite vintage paper shops was recently featured there, Saturday Morning Vintage.  You can usually get a really inexpensive subscription to this one, and it's worth it.

Martha Stewart (Of course!  Who DOESN"T have her on their list?)  This one goes without saying.  I have a subscription and I am learning to tear out what I love and keep it.  Do you have a hard time tearing out pages from your magazines, too?

Paper Crafts Magazine--This one is all around great for paper projects with new and old.  It's easy to take a new project from here and use it as a template to incorporate old papers.  Lots of stamping projects and general paper projects can be found here.  It's a super cheap copy price too!

Do you know of any others?  I'm always looking for new things to read, even though my magazine pile stays pretty high these days!

See you this afternoon with Christmas updates to the shop.  I keep finding more and more!  My goodness, my collection is large.

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